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Spa Pedicure Services
Pedicure Pedicure Pedicure Pedicure
The Pearl Spa Pedicure uses pearl powder, from exotic jewels found in the deep blue seas. This beauty secret is able to provide healing, anti-aging, brightening, and UV protection. Your feet are soak in Ocean salt powder, callus removal therapy and sugar scrub exfoliation. Additionally, Mineral Mud masked with hot towel wrap, followed by a luxurious volcanic stone leg massage with Thermal Massage Oil and moisturized lotion. Your feet will be wrapped with Collagen Socks that help to restore and reverse the sign of Aging.
OPI Deluxe Pedicure is truly a unique spa experience. We lavish your feet with products that re-mineralize and moisturize your skin. You would enjoy the benefits of OPI sugar scrub exfoliation, detoxifying masque with hot towels wrap, extensive feet, legs massage with volcanic stone and Thermal Massage Oil, and a hydrating paraffin treatment seals in moisture for soften feet.
Our organic deluxe spa pedicure collection is a four s-step treatment that enriches skin with key ingredients to give feet much need nutrients. Each set includes a Sea Mineral Salt Soak, Foot Scrub, Mud Masque, and a Massage Lotion system. We will pamper you with extra deep muscle massage with Thermal Massage Oil. The final step is your choice of either Paraffin Treatment or Hot Stone Massage.
A Soothing and pampering service that includes everything you would expect from a quality pedicure and more. We take a special care to remove any calluses on your heels, the exfoliation of sugar scrub, foot mask with hot towel and followed by deep muscle massage with moisturized lotion.
This pampering service includes all that of an essential Regular pedicure. Pedicure will slough away dry skin by the exfoliation sugar scrub and a conditioning lotion massage. (Please ask for scents)
Our spa pedicure includes spa salts water bath with cuticle conditioning, cleansing, buffing and essential oils. You will enjoy invigorating low leg and foot massage followed by steamed towel foot wrap.
  • Extra options:

    $3 for callus remover
    $5 for sugar scrub
    $3 shiny buffing
    $3 Week long wear polish (CND Vinylux or OPI Infinite Shine 2)
    $5 French/ American
    $15 Gel Polish

  • Massage Options:

    $5 for 5 minutes
    $10 for 12 minutes
    $15 for 18 minutes

  • Nail Art Designs:

    2 toes nail from $5 and up
    10 toes nail from $10 and up

Manicure Services
Manicure Manicure
Indulge yourself in our most luxurious spa manicure that included everything in regular manicure plus sugar scrub exfoliation, pleasant essential moisturized lotion massage, then finish with paraffin treatment helping heal and regenerate your skin. These steps are leaving hands velvety smooth, and nails are polished to perfection our deluxe nail care service.
  • With gel polish: $35 and up
Regular manicure (see below) plus exfoliation with organic sugar scrub. Also, a variety of different scented masks and hot towels will ease way your minor aches and pains. You will enjoy a deep tissue massage with moisturized lotion.
  • With gel polish: $33 and up
This includes a regular manicure plus the sugar scrubs will help to exfoliate and restore your skin. You will enjoy the massage with moisturizing lotion followed by your favorite color
  • With gel polish: $30 and up
Our regular manicure includes trimming, soften your cuticles, shaping of nails as well as cuticle maintenance with pineapple cuticle oil. A hand lotion massage followed by your choice of favorite regular polish.
  • With gel polish: $25 and up
  • Extra Options:

    $5 French/American
    $5 Soak off Gel Polish
    $5 and up for 2 simple finger nail art designs

  • Combo Options:

    $15 Soak off Gel Polish & Regular Manicure
    $20 Acrylic Soak Off & Regular Manicure

Kid Services
(For all kids under 11 years old and up to 4ft tall)
Kid Services
Kid Manicure
$10 & Up
(Free 2 simple finger nail art designs)
Kid Pedicure
$17 & Up
(Free 2 simple toes nail art designs)
Manicure & Pedicure Combo
$25 & Up
(Free 2 simple nail art design)
Polish Change- Nails
$5 & Up
(Not included nail art designs)
Polish Change- Toes
$7 & Up
(Not included nail art designs)
Nail Art Designs - 2 nails
$3 & Up
Nail Art Designs - 10 nails
$5 & Up
Manicure Gel Color
$20 & Up
Nails Enhancement
Nails Enhancement Nails Enhancement
Full Set
Acrylic Nails (French/American- Add $5)
$25 & Up
Acrylic Nails & Gel Color
$38 & Up
Gel Nails (Free White Tips)
$30 & Up
Solar Natural Pink
$30 & Up
Solar Natural Pink & Gel Color
$40 & Up
Solar Solid Color
$35 & Up
Solar Pink & White
$40 & Up
Solar Color Tips
$45 & Up
SNS Solid Dipping Powder
$35 & Up
SNS Dipping Powder- Pink & White
$40 & Up
Acrylic Nails (French/American- Add $5)
$18 & Up
Acrylic Nails & Gel Color
$31 & Up
Solar- Natural / Pink Only
$20 & Up
Solar- Natural Pink & Gel Color
$33 & Up
Solar- Solid Color Powder
$30 & Up
Solar- Pink & White
$33 & Up
Solar- Color Tips
$35 & Up
SNS- Same Color
$28 & Up
Take off
Special Shapes
Ombre Nails
$8 & Up
Nail Art Designs- 2 fingers
$5 & Up
Waxing / Tinting
Eyebrow- Waxing
$8 & Up
Eyebrow- Threading
$10 & Up
Upper Lip
$6 & Up
$8 & Up
Half Face
$20 & Up
Full Face
$30 & Up
Under Arms
$15 & Up
Lower/Upper Arms
$25 & Up
Lower/ Upper Legs
$30 & Up
Bikini Line
$30 & Up
$40 & Up
Eyebrows Tinting
$15 & Up
Eyelash Tinting
$15 & Up
Lash Extension
Eyelash Extension
Strip Lash Extensions
$18 & Up
Cluster Lash Extensions
$30 & Up
Cluster Lash Extensions - Touch Up
$10 & Up
Individual Lash Extensions - Full set
$100 & Up
Individual Lash Extensions - Refill
$60 & Up
Lashes Remove
$5/ $10